Best Christmas Surprise Ever! Dubai 🇦🇪 Cruise Ship Secret Tour & Mega Food

Join us for a behind-the-scenes tour and an unusual Christmas celebration aboard the MSC Bellissima.

This was actually our second Christmas in a row that we didn’t celebrate in our traditional way at home, enjoying a family dinner alongside a Christmas tree, decorations and all the gifts.

However, the wonderful staff at the MSC Bellissima made sure we had a one-of-a-kind experience we will never forget.

The behind-the-scenes tour started at the London Theater. We were shown all that went into organising a show, the sound equipment, the makeup sets and all the costumes the performers had to change in and out of between acts.

Next, the tour took us to the Yacht Club zone. We checked out their buffet full of all kinds of expensive and delicious foods. Then we moved to the YC pool and rounded it up with a visit to the YC restaurant. The Yacht Club was a high-end, all-inclusive area where each room even had their own butler!

What followed next was the most important part of the ship (as far as we are concerned) - the laundry room. Yes, that’s right - we always have tons of laundry to do!

Then we moved to the folding and drying room and learned that it was all done by high-tech machines alongside 30 employees who controlled and helped the process. And while still discussing dirty clothes, level 3 revealed a massive laundry shoot.

Our next stop was the MSC Bellissima’s main kitchen, and to go in, we first had to put on personal hygiene attire to prevent contamination of the food. We kinda looked like silly, mad scientists, but it was so much fun.

For those of you who didn’t know, our sweet Angelique loves cooking and baking, so she was especially excited to see all the Christmas food and desserts being prepared.

From the kitchen, we moved to the classy Posidonia restaurant which offered the ultimate in high end food and service standards.

On our way out, we were surprised with a gift - each of us got an apron with the Bellissima logo which was a nice way to end the tour.

But there wouldn’t be a Christmas Spirit without Father Christmas, right? The ship even had Santa pay a visit to the little ones, including Chloe who barely made the cut as an 11-year-old.

And since Christmas Eve always goes hand in hand with finger-licking food, that’s exactly what we got for dinner, amazing delicacies and perfect service!

Next, we headed towards the London Theater for a Christmas show that included plenty of dancing, singing, acting and many talented performers who worked hard to make this evening even more special for every passenger aboard the MSC Bellissima.

After the show, we got back to our room and we were pleasantly surprised to find that the staff left a Merry Christmas card, some sweets and a bottle of champagne. They even helped us to open it without making a mess. Such sweet guys!

So, that was another Christmas away from home, but we still wanted to keep at least one tradition, and that’s why we had our Christmas stockings full of “interesting” gifts.

We also didn't forget about our amazing adopted Uncle Pepe who made so many trips possible for us, so we got him a small Christmas gift as well.

Meanwhile, Julia had so much fun partying with her peers and meeting new friends at the Teen’s Club.

But once the clock hit midnight, and the doors to the Christmas buffet opened, we were all excited to have a taste of the unbelievable food selection.

Stay tuned for our upcoming videos from the Persian Gulf!

0:00 Christmas on a Cruise Ship
1:16 Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the MSC Bellissima
1:37 An Unusual Christmas Eve
2:38 MSC London Theater (Behind the Scenes)
3:13 MSC Yacht Club Tour - Buffet, Pool & Dining Area
4:39 Cruise Ship Laundry Room
4:48 Cruise Ship Folding & Drying Room
6:29 MSC Bellissima’s Main Kitchen Behind The Scenes Tour
7:57 MSC Posidonia Restaurant
8:35 Cruise Ship Santa
8:48 Christmas Eve Dinner on a Cruise Ship
9:11 MSC Christmas Theater Show
10:35 A Christmas Surprise
11:58 Family Christmas Stocking Tradition
12:55 Teens’ Club Party
13:10 Midnight Christmas Buffet Craze!

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